Polar Bear Commercial Essay

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In the advertisement “Polar Bears,” made in 2008, this advertisement contains animated polar bears, drinking bottles of Coca- Cola. The picture capitalizes the friendly faces of the polar bears. This is to show their vast positive emotions, to generate a feeling of delight. It can be said, the advertisement has an intended audience of: children. The visual artists chose to use bright and sunny images, generating an overall positive and emotional feeling of enjoyment and pleasure, which connects fine with families and children. Their use of these techniques and emotions is very helpful to persuade their viewers to buy Coca-Cola. The viewers feel bound to buy the product of Coca-Cola because being happy and content is connected with drinking the Coca-Cola. The faces of the animated polar bears are represented as kind and loving animals which are connected with the children’s love for animals. The children must feel a desire to consume Coca-Cola because in their mind they would feel content and delighted to drink the product.…show more content…
The Coca-Cola bottles help to symbolize a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment, once the product is consumed by the viewer. The page is designed by including six polar bears. The polar bears are all sitting down and are carrying Coca-Cola in their hands. They seem to a state of euphoria, while sitting altogether. They’re seems to be rocks and snow in the background of the polar bears. The advertisement seems to have credibility because all the polar bears have feelings of euphoria after consuming the product of Coca-Cola. Likewise, the polar bear community confirms that Coca-Cola is a widespread drink, and is enjoyed by individuals

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