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Johan is immortal. His story began in a hospital where he reanimated in a fiery blaze, to the misfortune of the doctors, nurses and woman about to give birth. His immortality does not prevent him from being killed, but enables him the ability to reawaken. He is on a quest to discover who he is and where he comes from. Upon learning he is in the year 2191 he ran into a less than friendly girl named Jessica who, after some swordplay, agreed to help him. Unfortunately his progress in achieving that goal is halted, as he killed a police officer who carrying a demonic aura, and subsequently went on the run. He has superhuman powers. In addition to his immortality, all his senses are heightened beyond even those of other animals, and an ability to read auras (this helps him determine whether people are good or bad, and if they mean him harm). The main villain is a dream manipulator (oneiromancer) named Unia Plat. She covets Johan's DNA because she wants to create an army of living nightmares and control the multiverse.…show more content…
Her corporeal form on one of the alternate Earth's sets up shop as a Grand Diviner, she puts clients to sleep and reads their future. All of this however is a ruse for her desire to possess Johan's DNA, and she is in fact harnessing their dreams as energy to scout the infinite dimensions for a clue as to his whereabouts. Jessica struck a bargain with the demons, who are agents of Unia, that roam the lower dredges of London. She wanted money to rise up and leave the slums behind. A lesser demon named Crawley sets out to ambush Johan at Jessica's residence. Johan destroyed the demon, interrogating it before delivering the final blow to learn of Jessica's betrayal and Unias

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