Poem Analysis: Fast Car By Tracy Chapman

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Analysis of “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman The challenges of escaping from poverty and abuse are well illustrated in Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Many young girls, myself included, jump into the first fast car that will take them away from where they are. Looking only for a way out, they find themselves pregnant and living a life so similar to what they so desperately tried to leave behind. Our society is laden with the idea of personal responsibility, therefore there are few safety nets or alternatives available for young women trapped in destructive relationships. I married at seventeen to a boy who was a bit wild, and coming from a conservative German family, he seemed absolutely perfect for me. What is exciting and charming in a boy you date does not mean it will play…show more content…
If you work hard enough and focus your energy on succeeding nothing can prevent you from attaining your dreams. The structural theory of sociology supports this belief, while the conflict theorist maintain that our society is rigged against class mobility. With limited resources to attain an education and few expectations from those around you, it is often difficult to even truly imagine yourself in a different context much less achieve entering the middle or upper classes. The optimism of the girl to attain a better life flowing through the entire song is constantly accompanied by a deep sadness. The two emotions feed off of one another in a complex duel for the future of her dreams. Will she succeed in finding a way out? Empathy not pity is the strong binding element between the girl and the listener. Each one of us have faced times and situations where the only positive thing we had was hope of things getting better, and with that hope made it at least possible for things to change. Without hope or optimism it is only resignation that triumphs in our

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