Ethics In Treasure Island

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Treasure island is book that clearly mirrors the mannerisms of pirates, and how they associated with common people affected others arround them. Over the course of the book some characters change from pirates to the good side. For example, Gray choses to go to the good side, because Captain Smolett believed in him. Unfortunately, most of the pirates refused to change even when their side was failing miserably. Going through the book you can see were the major codes of conduct, including the sanctity of life and burying the dead. While one doesnt sound as important as the other, they both play provincial roles in the choices that the characters make. During the book, the treasure hunters fear for their lives as the pirates persisted to hunt…show more content…
Consequently, We can see how the treasure hunter's codes of conduct matched the the bible; Having overwhelming reference to caring for one another and the sanctity of life, the bible is most evidently the treausre hunters main guide. In Luke 6:9 Jesus reminds the people, that even on the Sabbath it is more important to save a life than to deny it.(lest that person be destroyed.) Jesus himself died for us and loved us unconditionally, when we ()were not so nice to Him. As you can see, these influences drove them and their actions. They did their best to care for each other's welfare, as one after another died. Wishing that the most of them might be stay alive, they started strategizing right away how they might get the pirates to stop the fight. But the pirates would not have it. Although pirates had respect for the dead, they did not have respect for life. The greed for treasure and the fear of what might happen if they go caught overwhelmed any logic from…show more content…
However, what circumstances might be enough to lead them to abandon this code of conduct? Perhaps careless pirates drowned in heat of battle don't care what happens to their dead friends as long as they themselves stay alive. Could Men like Gray, so loyal to their team, leave everyone and everything including his now murdered friends, all for gold? It's very possible. Unfortunately many a man in war has defected or abandoned his own team because of selfishness or fear. Whether to save their own life or to gain some kind of treasure, in reality it all comes down to greed. Even if only one did it, the worth of that one man missing, may be equivalent to many more deaths on either or both sides . Over the course of this paper we have discussed 2 codes of conduct of the characters from Treausure Island. Sanctity of life being most evident in the treausre hunters, was non-existent in the pirates who came from the same culture. However, there is the possibility of redemption of the pirates. If they were reabilitated, it would be a great relief to their society. Burying of the dead was very much instilled into these englishmen, and obviously something they felt that was important. As we have discussed however , in the heat of battle it is too easy to run and leave it all behind in the fight for

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