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Problems of Pit Fighting Although pit bulls are great loving animals, some of them are bred as mean fighting dogs peoples entertainment and needs to be stopped. Pit fighting has been a problem for hundreds of years. They fight dogs for a number of reasons, even though it is harmful to the dogs and it always ends in death. It is a gambling activity also. There are so many reasons why this should not be tolerated. For one reason is highly illegal and frowned upon. just imagine one is forced into the ring and forced to fight until death and if one does not win they will be killed by dog or by bullet. There is only one winner and the loser will die. In recent years, pit bulls have gained more than just a bad name. bad breeders and negative media have resulted in many apartment complexes, neighborhoods and counties banning pits and pit mixes, saying they are "too dangerous" to the public. And also banned because people use the dogs for fighting purposes and gambling. The Humane Society offers a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who organizes dogfights, participates in dogfights, promotes…show more content…
pitbulls have to be trained to fight. they are in training from the day they are born. they are kept in small cages and in filthy environments. they are kept on very heavy chains that they keep adding weights to to build upper body strength so they will be better at fighting and have more of a chance for winning. the dogs are made to run on treadmills. it builds up there leg strength and motivation so their stamina. without that the dogs would be no good for fighting. then they are made to get lots of exercise. make them run, pull weights, or hang a rope from a tree and make them play on it. training the dog is the most important part of pit fighting. If the dog is not trained properly then when it is put in the pit then it will not do very good compared to a dog that was trained

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