Pinkerton On Food In Prison

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Nutrition is very important to everyone’s health no matter what age because food is what maintains and fuels your body. Everyone has the basic right to eat regardless of stature. In this paper, I will analyze two different viewpoints on the topic of Nutrition in prison, the view that the food in prison unhealthy and cruel, and the view that food in prison is the best way to enforce disciplinary actions. Pinkerton argues that the foods served in jails are unhealthy and cruel, and that the prisoners deserve better nutrition even if they are in prison. She believes that the food directly affects their health; by neglecting the main food the prisoners eat and making them take more supplements containing high calories to make up for what they are missing. Pinkerton shows her view that the food is unhealthy when she says, “inmates begged doctors for Boost Plus (a high calorie nutrition supplement for underweight People)” (Pinkerton, 2009, p.2). This shows that the…show more content…
Pinkerton also supports her belief that the supplements are being used because the food is not nutritious enough when she states “but they were “special” because not every inmate could get them and if something was “special” then everyone wanted it - even if they didn’t need it” (Pinkerton, 2009, p. 2). The uses of these supplements support her claim that the food is not nutritious enough to support a healthy life. Pinkerton’s article does not include bias at first, until she interacts with the inmates. Pinkerton uses logos throughout her article when she gives facts and statistics, in order to persuade her audience to agree with her. Pinkerton uses Logos when she says ‘inmates think it’s a bodybuilding supplement, but it’s full of sugar (high fructose corn syrup) and extra calories they don’t need, so putting on fat is a common

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