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In the book, Treasure Island, showed that Jim Hawkins, the main character had many traits, ordinary, smart, lucky, and brave. These traits made him unique. Towards the beginning of the book, Jim Hawkins was an ordinary boy that lived with his parents. Jim’s parents owned a Inn called the Admiral Benbow Inn, and Jim helped his parents take care of the Inn. When his parents did not run the Inn, Jim would take care of their guests needs. One time when he was taking care of the Inn, one of his guest’s, Billy Bones, was given the black spot, which was a piece of black circular paper with a message that stated you will be forced to a punishment, or that you will be killed. Billy Bones had a stroke minutes after. Jim reacted surprised, and was kind of upset about his…show more content…
He was also very lucky in many circumstances. When Jim was fighting Israel Hands, Hands threw a dirk at Jim and it went into his shirt, and pinched his shoulder. The dirk was holding Jim to a post, at the point to where he could not move. Israel Hands could have thrown the dirk an inch lower and Jim could have had a tragic injury. At one point, Jim was in an apple barrel and just woke up after he had drifted off to sleep. Long John Silver was sitting by the apple barrel talking to one of the ship mates. The ship mate had stood up and was about to grab an apple to eat, when at the same time, Jim was trying to be as quiet as he could in the barrel. One of the ship mates had luckily shouted that they saw land, and the ship mate did not look in the barrel. Being smart also helped Jim in many situations. Blind Pew and a few others wanted the treasure map from Jim and his mother. As Jim and his mother were running from Blind Pew, they came across a bridge. Jim had a very smart idea to hide his mother under the bridge so that they could not find her. Also, Jim was on the island and had cut the Hispaniola adrift in the night, and moved it to north bay, away from the pirates territory.

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