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Submission as a Tool of Power Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew introduces the story of Katherine, a shrew undesirable to any man, and her supposed transformation into a perfect, submissive young woman. This transformation is credited as being the work of Petruccio, Katherine’s suitor. It could be inferred that Katherine does in fact experience a drastic change of heart because of her acts of submission and her lack of obstinance at the end of the play, but I would argue this was not what Shakespeare was suggesting. Shakespeare uses Katherine’s extreme and at times playful language to hint that everything is not always as it appears. Although Petruccio seems to be successful in taming Katherine by the end of The Taming of the Shrew, she has not actually conformed into the obedient wife he wishes her to be, but instead is playing the part in order to undermine his authority and receive what she desires. Katherine is…show more content…
This intelligence did not simply vanish after her marriage to Petruccio, instead she uses it to deceive and manipulate him. Her sarcastic approach, wit, and the manner of extremity in which she makes these claims to be subservient make it evident that she is playing a role and does not genuinely believe what she is saying. Katherine does not submit to the endless desires of Petruccio without benefit to herself, she succumbs to him in order to achieve the outcome she wishes from a situation. By letting him believe she is complaisant Katherine is able to gain more power and an advantage over him because he views her as being predictable. It is also important to note that every time Katherine makes these displays of submission Petruccio is present. By allowing Katherine to have such a fast and complete role reversal Shakespeare is encouraging his readers to analyze the text a bit closer and acknowledge his critique of the patriarchal society of Victorian

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