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Conflict exists in many forms. Conflict itself can arise from many things such as faith, race, and notions of truth. In the film Incendiés, the daughter and son are sent on their own journey to find out their own truth about who their mother really was. Along the journey, the daughter encounters a man that knew her mother and who tells her "sometimes it is better not to know." In this same vein. the person who starts their journey with the reading of their mother's will say this: "You have to know or your mind will never be at peace." The director is hitting on something key in life: how finding the truth about someone you thought you knew can shatter everything you know. The opening scene addresses a question that viewers may ask the entire…show more content…
She learns where to go by visiting her mother's old school. She falls asleep on the bus and when she wakes up, the nightmare begins. She and the other passengers see the bus driver speaking to one of the terrorists and then he is shot before the bus is showered with bullets. It appears that only four people have survived the first round of the massacre: a woman who appears to be praying, a mother and her child, and Jeanne. The terrorists who are all dressed in military style and have their faces covered with only their eyes visible under their black scarves begin pouring oil onto the top of the bus. Jeanne then does something that very easily could have gotten her killed and very nearly did. She tells them she is a Christian and they immediately take her away from the bus along with the small girl she took from the girl's mother, in an attempt to save her life. Then in a cruel fashion the attackers hold Jeanne back as they release the girl back to go to the bus, which is already being licked with tongues of orange, red and golden fire. Jeanne falls to her knees as they fire yet another gunshot. They leave her there, the only survivor of the slaughter of a bus full of unarmed people alone-and, so, the only one to remember. This is the moment Jeanne could've turned back as the situation in the film is so horrid, the viewer may ask how can it get any worse? Perhaps…show more content…
But instead Jeanne is able to convince him to go and visit their mother's birth nurse whilst in prison. They find out from this visit that there was not one baby that was born in prison but two… twins… a girl and a boy. Obviously it can only be Jeanne and Simon who were born in jail from their mother's torturer and

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