Persuasive Speech On Syrian Refugees

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Families are dying because of our arrogance; We are all arrogant rich cowards hiding behind fences. The Eu and the gulf are not doing enough to help the Syrian refugees. 95% of refugees that have fled are in camps in the bordering contrary such as Lebanon who have 1,200,000 and tiny little Jordan who have sheltered 650,000; While the Arab states of the person gulf have not taken in a single refugee this has been called especially shameful by Amnesty International. I would like to convince the Eu and Arab states to do more for these homeless people. While Jordan has taken in over 600,000 refugees the UK, witch has 78 times the GDP of Jordan, has said it will only allow 20,000 Syrians across its borders. Europe could easily handle the wave of people the same can be said for the whole of the western world and the Arab states but instead they fortified borders and rejected the majority of asylum seekers.…show more content…
The UN and the World food organisation where not ready for a refugee crisis on this scale therefore there was not enough money being put aside for refugees. Sending money would not just help the countries who are taking in all of the refugees, such as Jordan and Lebanon, but also help the scared and stranded Syrians. The money can be used to create shelter, provide food and water and improve health care for the already over cramped camps furthermore the money can be used for train or buss tickets to help the wanderers to their destination. The chief of the United Nation's World Food Program, the largest global provider of aid to the refugees, announced that the program urgently needs $278 million over the next three months to feed millions of Syrian refugees. If we all come together and give money to those in need we ill certainly find a solution within three or four years. There is no way that this problem will go away without all of our support

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