Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

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What comes to mind when you think of pit bulls? Is it something like monster or killer. Most people think of pits as these terrible dogs when really most of the time it is how they are raised not because they were born with it. A few months ago I adopted a pit bulls puppy. She was a stray until she was found living for the first two months of her life on the street. Also she had signs of abuse when she was first found. She has been with me for over two months now and she has not once shown and signs of aggression to anyone, not even to the cat when it start bugging her. So far my pit is the most well behaved pup i’ve seen at her age. Before the 1980’s pit bulls were one of america's favorites. Before then there was only one pit attack to make the national papers thats because it involved a man who intentionally had his 26 pit bulls attack a young woman. In 1947 an article in The Independent (St. Petersburg, Florida), “Attorneys said they believed it was the first time the state had invoked a statute which would find the owner guilty of manslaughter if it were proven that he permitted vicious animals to run free and they attacked and killed a human being.” Now in this article they aren't blaming the dogs but their owner. Just forty years after this incident the first breed-specific ban.…show more content…
In the 1980’s dog fighting made a comeback and pitbulls were the dogs of choice. Also drug dealers had a liking for them for garding the drugs and trained them to attack anyone who came

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