Persuasive Speech On Mobile Phones

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Now this would be crazy. Where everyone on the internet is writing about new mobile devices – here I am writing a guide to quitting it. In today’s world mobiles are lifelines. It’s everywhere – even on a Childs’ hand. However, no matter who many types of positive qualities one side of this story has – there are plenty of negative qualities too. It’s been a couple of months now that I had quit using mobile phones. It might seem on the surface that it’s tough, but it’s not, and I am really happy that I have left it. Here is what you need to do Start from Day One: If you’re planning to do it for a month – it’s better if you would give up. It will not work. Make a shorter plan. It would be three days or could be one day’s plan– depends on you.…show more content…
Or else don’t charge the device Willpower: When it comes to mobile devices you will need a strong willpower, as no one will say to you to quit it. It’s on your own – if you think that it is kind of addiction for you, it would be better to quit it. Channel your addiction to your willpower, and win it with grace. Repeat thought provoking and affirmative words Try to relieve stress and don’t behave irrationally Use Alternatives: It would be completely impartial to have an argue on quitting all other services. In our day-to-day life, we need technologies – it helps us to simplify our life. However, that doesn’t mean that we should have to depend on it completely. Overuse of technologies reduces your skill level. Take a test on your own – how many mobile phone numbers would you be able to tell me now? Even do you know what your home number is? Don’t look at the contact list. Use alternatives – laptops or desktops. Allow your brain to do some push-ups Be Practical: One of the biggest problems that I had come across in this process would be to find new roads without Google maps. When you have a phone, it doesn’t bother you that much, but what would be living without it? Traveling in a new place would be

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