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In a sense, Lady Macbeth was a stereotypical wife in the beginning of the play. She pushed her husband to take measures that he wouldn’t have done otherwise. She was a master manipulator, and Macbeth was continually doubting himself. These attributes don’t stay with the characters throughout the play; in fact, the roles of the couple almost switch entirely. After the Macbeths undergo a desperate hunger for power, we are left with an arrogant tyrant, Macbeth and his confused, remorseful wife, Lady Macbeth. When we first see the couple in Act I, it is clear that Lady Macbeth claimed dominance in the relationship. She was more assertive and decisive than Macbeth, always willing to execute her plans; however, being the man in the relationship,…show more content…
The pile of lies and deaths continued to pile upon her shoulders, and eventually, she could not bare the malicious crimes that she and her husband had committed. This lead to troublesome nights of sleepwalking and a severe illness of the mind. Throughout her entire decline, Macbeth was absent and unsupportive of her because he was too busy maintaining the order and trajectory of his path to success. In a sense, Macbeth used his wife’s determination and brutality to get ahead. Once he had the momentum needed to push forward, he found that Lady Macbeth’s presence and help was no longer needed; therefore, she was no longer needed in his life. This caused the ultimate destruction of Lady…show more content…
Lady Macbeth portrayed the peak of all weakness. She felt the need to commit suicide for her evil. Though she would have originally perceived this as cowardly, she left Macbeth alone to carry on her violence in a world full of hatred. Macbeth did not let this hatred force itself into his deeds, if anything, he fed off of it and proclaimed that no man born of woman had the ability to kill him. In the middle of Macbeth’s egotistical rampage, he was confronted with Macduff. Macduff was ripped from his mother’s womb; therefore, he was capable of killing Macduff, which is exactly what he

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