Essay About Drug Addiction

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Dealing with drug addiction and drug dealers is one of the major challenges faced by the developed and developing countries of the world. Not only has it managed to lure youth into its trap but is also responsible for causing multiple deaths which amount to thousands in the countries individually. Controlling and combating drug addiction is the need of the hour and countries need multiple laws and policies in place to curb the negative impact of the former. The news, however, has been gaining traction in the United States due to an announcement made by president Donald Trump earlier this month. President trump has always advocated that drug dealership and trafficking should be eradicated from the country and he has been stringent about the…show more content…
And I can understand it, maybe. Although personally, I can't understand that”. He went on to mention in his rally in Pennsylvania that countries such as China and Philippines do not have major drug issues because of the laws those countries exercise to control the issue. The drug addiction related epidemic solution is an uphill task for every country. Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Singapore and Malaysia conduct offense-based executions regularly. Citing an example of the Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, he mentioned that judicial killings of drug dealers have led to an opioid free nation. Even the Philippines Police admits to the fact that they might have shot close to 4100 drug suspects as part of the cleansing program. This is despite having no official laws. The executions are carried out on an ad hoc basis which is nothing short of a cold-blooded murder. However, the International Criminal Court believes that the numbers are three times higher than reported. Human rights Activists have been on their toes to figure out the real number. Similarly, drug usage number in Singapore is lower due to stringent laws. Iran has death penalty for the same offense. However, the land still suffers from the wrath of opioid
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