The Dreaming In Alan Maralung's 'The Songman'

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Traditional Australian Aboriginal myth is a cultural belief system among indigenous Australians, and an essential aspect of Aboriginal spirituality is the Dreaming. There are many various groups and languages. However, dreaming is a common characteristic in all societies, even though they have different names for it. Therefore, each aboriginal group has its own way of connecting with the Dreaming. The Aboriginal Dreaming refers to the spiritual beliefs of the Aboriginal people. The dreaming is what they base their traditional lives, and the dreaming determines their values, beliefs and their relationships with the animals, plants, hybrids, and environment around aboriginals. The Dreaming describes the stories that explain their opinions and…show more content…
In the process, he composed some of the most durable documents of music and a culture that many find only intriguing. His song, Bunggridj-bunggridj: Wangga songs belong to a genre of didjeridu-accompanied songs widely performed in Northwest Australia and known most commonly as Wangga. Wangga is an indigenous Australian genre of traditional music ceremony that originated in northern areas of Australia. His songs involve far higher level of improvisation than is usually found in Wangga today; the musical and intellectual skills displayed by Maralung as he manipulates the musical and textual materials are probably unique and may well represent the last manifestation of an older tradition of Wangga singing. Wangga is individually owned dance songs accompanied by didjeridu; a natural wooden trumpet fashioned from a branch hollowed out by termites, performed publicly in both ceremonial and non-ceremonial contexts by Aborigines of northwest Australia. The major centers of the Wangga tradition are the country in the vicinity of the Moyle and Daly Rivers. Wangga is usually sung by one or two men accompanying themselves on slapsticks while another performer plays the

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