Persuasive Essay On Refugee Crisis

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"At that moment, I feared for my life. I had no air to breathe because the place was overcrowded, my legs started to feel numb from the way I was sitting. We had neither food nor water", describes a 15 year old fleeing Ethiopia from the fear of persecution. This is just one of those horrifying tales undergone by 21.3 million people around the world, and as terrifying as it may seem, more than half of this mammoth number comprise of children. We call them refugees. The world calls them refugees. But, is this even an appropriate word to address them? After spending months and years at seas, torn apart from their loved ones, losing their near and dear ones, holding onto the last ray of hope for an uncertain future, these people are only struggling to secure a place that they can call "home". However, their relentless effort goes in vain and their heartfelt cries fall on deaf ears because we, mankind are only trained to watch helpless people suffer. It is extremely unfortunate to see ourselves indifferent to the global refugee crisis while the actions that we aim to take falter under the weight of our words. How long will these people have to endure such tremendous pain? Not surprisingly, the…show more content…
As a result, the remedy of resettling refugees has proven to be an acutely challenging task. However, in this instance, the governments of certain countries need to look through a broader perspective. While the possibility of these agonised mass of people engaging in terrorist activities is minimal, the benefit that will be attained through providing access to refugees is much more significant because it is certainly going to take us a thousand steps forward to solving the refugee crisis. If possible, the governments should appoint officials who would particularly be responsible for keeping an eye on the day to day lives of the

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