Negative Effects Of Arranged Marriage

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In Canada, many people understand marriage to be a legal union between a couple that formally recognizes their true love for each other. In other parts of the world, different cultures practice arranged marriages planned by the family or guardians of the bride and groom. Without a doubt, there are successful long-lasting love stories derived from arranged marriages. However, the whole process of an arranged marriage can have negative social implications. In my opinion, I believe that arranged marriage is wrong and should no longer be acceptable across the globe. The system dehumanizes individuals when deciding for both parties including violating woman’s rights. They often result in a misjudgment of character as a product of the extremely rushed processed. Also, a lack of true love and compatibility between the couple can lead to a miserable marriage. First of all, the steps the families take to find the suitable partner for their child can be dehumanizing for the people getting married-especially the girl. They will be looking for things that satisfy their requirements for a good person such as wealth, status, and education rather than a person and their character traits. It is important to remember that arranged marriages in places…show more content…
When people are searching for an appropriate marital candidate for their family members, the search often objectifies and degrades an individual. Rushing into a marriage planned by someone other than yourself increases the possibility of misinterpreting a persons personality. An arranged marriage is likely to trap two incompatible individuals in an unhappy marriage for life because, for some, divorce is simply not an option. I cannot deny that many arranged marriages are successful with positive outcomes. Nevertheless, for years to come, it will remain something many people without a choice will

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