Persuasive Essay On Music Censorship

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The censorship of music is the restriction to the free access of music broadcast. Censorship can be implemented for many reasons such as religion, political, morality. People enjoy or dislike music according to their own beliefs, preferences and lifestyles. Music censorship can be exercised through the government, or private organizations that believe that certain musical content should not be easily accessible or played on radio stations. While there are a few laws that are set in place for suggestive music lyrics to be played on the radio, suggestive and explicit music should not be played on the radio during business and school hours. As a parent I have realized through the eyes of my children that they are very impressionable and can pick up on everything that is going on around them. Being able to turn on the television, or the radio and can see or hear suggestive music can heavily influence the way children may view the world. Music censorship had been an issue dating back as far as 1927 when the government created what was known as the “Radio Act”. This act was the…show more content…
Although laws were put into place on what is to be heard or seen publicly, the way music is played or received by an audience has not changed. Just because a word is edited out does not change the message of the song. We can all put that to the test for ourselves. Listen to an album by an artist that has an edited version and a clean version. The message is still the same. Music artists have become very savvy with their lyrics and use of slang. They use a lot of slang words that is commonly known amongst our youth. The radio stations had to then edit the songs that were created for the radio or the “radio version” of the song. When listening to the radio, you can still hear the explicit word even though it is being edited out. The radio station now does their own editing of music however; the sound of the word is still being heard through the

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