Persuasive Essay On How To Build A Sailboat

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    Did you ever want to build sorting that will change the sailing world forever. No, don't become a pirate build a sailboat of your own. The required materials can be baugh in any grocery store. Get enough pasta to build a sailboat. Get anything you want for accessories glitter that boat up, unless you plan on eating it. Be crafty save money and get a sailboat in the process, build a sailboat out of pasta.      Your neighbors already think that you lost a few screws. When you start building a sailboat made out of pasta noodles they won't think anything quite yet. Hoarding pasta boxes on your front porch would be nothing out of the ordinary. Just think building an aircraft carrier out of pasta noodles could save billions of government dollars each year.…show more content…
Should the ships sink the many strong people would have meals for weeks out at sea. The feature is now and now is building a ship out of penne.      Who would refuse having a sailboat made from hundreds of boxes of noodles. No fish nor starving people in Africa would reject a sailboat made from your stale lasagna and spaghetti noodles. Building a boat won't take much you just use a lot of hot glue and old bubble gum and start crafting in the empty space in your cousins experimental meth lab. When the Third World War breaks out you find a crew and send the ship over seas to give some weary soldiers a nice pasta dinner. Sending salt wouldn't be necessary. Any noodles fall off are for the submarines or the fish. Don't worry about sinking, consider yourself the helper of fish hunger should your boat sink.     All the people surveyed said that sailboats are

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