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Switching To Sustainable Could you imagine a world where stopping by at Arby’s wouldn't be so unhealthy? Where all their products were grown and raised at a farm near you? A restaurant that isn’t high in calories, and low in nutrients. A place where their portions would all be the same size. Arby’s should only be allowed to sell sandwiches made from local sustainable goods. The first thing American’s should know is Arby’s, along with other fast food chains, are slowly affecting America’s obesity rate. According to Health officials, eating fast food two or more times a week can increase an average American’s chance of developing Type 2 diabetes by 27%(Fast Food intake, 2012). In today’s world, 2/3 of Americans are obese and overweight. Unfortunately obesity is rapidly increasing in America. Some health officials argue otherwise. According to the McMillen…show more content…
Health officials say, that a person who eats fast food once a week can increase their risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20%(Fast Food intake, 2012). That can be a serious issue, for those Americans who consume a lot fast food at places like Arby’s. Arby’s current sandwiches have increased the cholesterol levels and increased the risks of certain cancers found in Americans. And the nutrients and the minerals found in the meal are very low. However, if Arby’s switched their meat, all of those percentages would go down. Switching to locally raised meat would decrease the cholesterol levels, decrease the risks of certain cancers, and would increase the nutrients and minerals found in the food(Food & Personal Health, 2012). This switch could get America back on track to eating healthy again. Eating sustainably means it protects the environment, it is safe for human health, and the farmers are humane to their livestock(Food & Personal Health, 2012). Eating locally raised meat at Arby’s would meet all those

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