Personal Narrative: The Black House

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I hesitantly walk back towards the decaying shell of a house. As I get closer to the house I see more details like the shattered window and the sloped door frame. I swear I see something in one of the windows but I'm probably just seeing things I tell myself. At this point I'm thinking about just walking away and going to see my dad and my little sister. My mind is telling me to walk away and just leave but the curiosity overpowers me and I slowly walk closer to the house. I get chills all over body as I open the creaky door and look inside. The aroma of death overpowers me and I get a pounding headache that almost makes me drop to the floor but I catch my balance before my face smacks the tiled floor. As my eyes adjust to the pitch black house I can make out some small details like a couch and a small black and white tv. I slowly and carefully walk forward. I walk upstairs so lightly that I can barley hear the moaning of the slightly rotted stairs under my feet. I look around the upstairs and eventually find a young girls bedroom with the found hung slightly ajar. I hesitantly peek my head into the room and yelp as I fall over and scramble up onto my feet.…show more content…
A pile of timber and dust piles on top of me the weight crushes me and I hear a bone snap in my leg. I scream and the weight of the timber again pushes more weight on my leg. Another snap comes from my other leg and the pain is overwhelming and a blackness starts to cover my Hazy eyes. Tears fall down my cheeks and I try to sleep but can't because the weight keeps pushing on my legs every few seconds so that a new wave of pains brings me closer to death but eventually I Black out due to blood loss but the pain keeps my sleeps very
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