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Once in a far off land there was a beautiful younger girl that was mistreated but thou a magical person of some sort the beautiful young girl got her happily ever after. Sounds just like ever fairy Cinderella story ever told right… Wrong even thou Cinderella is a story that has been retold did you know that in many different place this story was told in many different was also. In both the French and German Cinderella they have a step mother that treats them really unkindly with the step sisters not so far behind, but luckily the beautiful young girl gets help from different godmothers and at the end of each mean and unkindly act that the step sisters had done was taken care of in many different ways. First of all the step mother was very rude to the young girl in both the French and German tail, the French version step mother made her “ scored the dishes , tablets , etc. and clean madam’s chambers, and those of misses.”(Perroult). The German step mother made her “get up before day break, carry water, cook, make fires, and wash.”(Grimm). The evidence stated that the girls were treated unfairly in their own homes by their step mothers who had no respect for them which is where the girls needed a good mother to come in maybe GODMOTHER.…show more content…
The French godmother “turned a pumpkin into a coach, rats into coachman, lizards into footmen, and her nasty rags into a cloth of gold and silver.”(perroult). The German version a white dove gave her everything such as a gold and silver dress embroidered with silk and silver. The evidence stats the both godmother helps the girl’s, but in many different ways. But this brings up a point a good point about how the step sisters and how their unkind acts forced them to be better than her and try to get

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