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Daytona Beach is my favorite place to go during the Spring Break season. I am about twenty minutes away from the most exciting place during the month of April. This is the one-week of the year where every college kid is in the same place as you feeling the same relief and excitement. That test I got a D on last week does not matter, nothing matters for the next week except the beach. Anticipation is the worse; I can almost feel the breeze from the ocean and the sun shining down on me. The traffic is starting to back up on the main road heading into town. There are cars all around me full of people laughing, giggling and experiencing the same buzz I am feeling. The white Pickup truck to my left has a surf board laying in the trunk, the red slug…show more content…
The ice cream stand is my favorite. I order an ice cream twist cone, the vanilla and chocolate intertwined is so yummy. The cold of the ice cream on my tongue is just tantalizing and awakens all of my taste buds. It just washes away the taste of the ocean salt water that I got in my mouth. On my way back to the water I'm going to get one of those fancy umbrella drinks. I prefer the strawberry one with the pretty prink umbrella in it, the cold frozen drink on a hot beach day is just what I need. Yummy, just as I expected the icy cold strawberry is just the right treat to put a spin on the beach. I think my evening meal will consist of a delectable ocean perch. The little restaurant up on the corner has an outdoor grill where I can order my fish and have it grilled to perfection while I watch more people on the beach. I can almost taste it…show more content…
The fresh salty air is unlike at home where the air feels like your chest is tight and squeezing every last particle of pollution right into my lungs. It smells like heaven. The seafood restaurant is starting the outdoor grill and you can smell the wood burning the cedar planks that make the seafood taste so yummy. The flames on the grill are starting to burn at a constant pace; soon they will start grilling the freshly caught seafood. The smell of actual fresh seafood grilling on cedar planks makes my taste buds come alive and I think I can actually taste the seafood in my mouth. The anticipation is almost better than actually eating the seafood, I am heading up to the restaurant with half of the other spring breakers, following the smell, I am one of the first in line to choose my dinner and all I can smell is the ocean perch on the grill, so I decide by the smell to have the perch. It is amazing how smell can influence even your food choice at the

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