Ginny: A Fictional Narrative

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1825/2015 “Hey Gin?” Harry instigated. “Yes, potter?” Ginny responded. “24 years, that’s how long it been since… since…” “I know, I know,” said Ginny resting her head on Harry’s shoulder. “Anyway, let’s go see how the muggles are celebrating Halloween.” Ginny laughed and followed Harry down a lantern lit pathway. “Pfft!!! This is pathetic,” said Harry analysing muggle Halloween decorations hanging up on trees and houses. But Ginny wasn’t listening. She had frozen on the spot, staring at an ordinary, but deteriorating castle. “I didn’t think muggles had castles,” said Harry chuckling to himself. “Well this one has gone to the dogs,” said Ginny. “No good stood around her chin-wagging! exclaimed Harry. C’mon sexy,” he said grabbing Ginny by the waist. They made contact with the door handle before shoving it…show more content…
The machine ignored him. “If David Weasley is not here, then I have a new mission.” He then scanned Harry and Ginny. “You are a Weasley,” he menacingly stated to Ginny. “Yeah, what of it?” said Ginny sassily. “You will be terminated,” said the machine in a harsh metallic voice. Harry and Ginny fired several spells at the machine who didn’t even get a scratch in its amour. “Incendio!” cried Ginny. “Stupefy!” roared Harry. Nothing was working as they headed upstairs to the first floor of the castle. They managed to give the machine the slip as they hid in a library. Terror-stricken, Ginny slumped to the floor and gave a sigh of relief. “I don’t get it. What does it have against us Weasleys?” “I have no idea but, we going to have to destroy it before it kills us an worse finds Ron, George, Bill Percy, Charlie and not to mention your mum and dad.” Ginny shook he head and stood up as she saw something in the corner of her eye. A book that stood out form all the rest, perched on a windowsill. Ginny met her eyes with the title of the book. Castle of David Weasley, Ginny read aloud. “What?” asked

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