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matter where they will go, to do preliminary research: the Internet, friends, acquaintances etc. – this will save a lot of time, money and you will avoid unnecessary stress and mistakes. Professional life Transport Dandoy is a middle-size family owned company, with 90 years long history. My colleagues in the company all speak English, Flemish and French. So there were no problems with communication. Furthermore they are all friendly and always willing to help. After I moved in Belgium, they helped with practical information such as location of the shops and which ones to choose, where can I find dentist etc. Every day in a transportation company is unique and not the same as any other days, which made my work very exciting and kept me motivated…show more content…
I believe I was very lucky to get this opportunity to try my strengths in such a dynamic environment. I was even luckier to get young, talented and active boss, who always had tasks for me, which required me to use knowledge from different fields, while developing my personality as well as professional competencies. My position was called “Operations management trainee”, which includes broad spectrum of areas. For example, I was working with operational improvements, process engineering, operations optimization, data analysis, pricing, database system administration and manual development etc. I believe this is one of the essential advantages of an SME – having more tasks and responsibilities (especially important for an intern!), which are not limited by one function or repetitive task, which is often seen in huge multinational companies. In addition, apart from everyday work I participated in various events, for example, Antwerp expo Transportation and logisitics fair 2015, which is one of the…show more content…
I would characterize Brussels as a unique blend of historical beauty, especially represented by architecture and museums, and modern business city, with its skyscrapers, thousands of busy people who are constantly in rush. This is the place where past meets the future. A huge number of various events every week all over the city, numerous bars, clubs, pubs etc. Apart from that the cultural element is also always present – theatres, concert halls, monuments etc. Furthermore, AIESEC Belgium constantly organized social events, where I could meet and get to know other interns in Belgium. That helped me to expand my professional network and exchange with internship experience. If I was asked to say, which day in Belgium was the most special for me, I would say the first thing, that pops in my mind is the “NO-CARS” day, which took place on Sunday 20th of September in 2015. It was simple indescribable day – thousands of people on bikes, roller skates, on foot, no cars, numerous open air events, such as BMX trick competition close to De Brouckere, the tunnel party at Porte de Namur, basketball game in a sports bar in the center of Brussels.. This was only a part of events I participated in and enjoyed every bit of

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