Analysis: The Cuban Embargo

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In order to normalize relations between the United States and Cuba, the Cuban president asked Barack Obama, president of the United States, to lift up the economic embargo. In the United Nations General Assembly, Obama urged to lift up this embargo.He also talked about certain steps that will further strengthen the relationships between the people of both countries. Obama has taken his first step by releasing details of removing embargo. The Cuba's embassy has also been restored in the United States after about half a century. It is clearly evident from the news that there are talks about lifting up long held embargo and improving ties between the U.S and Cuba. There are several advantages that might accrue to the U.S if the embargo with Cuba was lifted. Needless to say, this will not only improve the relationships with between two nations but also provide the U.S an opportunity to trade and increase its revenue.Moreover, it will allow U.S people to invest in Cuba and open up new companies. It will provide abundance of opportunity for U.S companies to spread their tentacles in Cuba and gain from trading there.…show more content…
If embargo were to be lifted, then Cuba could have access to the cutting edge technology and other resources that U.S has to offer. The entrance of U.S companies in the market will bring innovation, technology and good quality products at low prices to Cuba. Moreover, improving ties between two nations, will attract more people to Cuba, which is a famous tourist place. Cuba has also expected that about 10 million American will visit Cuba in a year, which in turn will improve country's economic

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