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My confirmed preference profile of MBTI is ENTJ which stand for Extraverted, iNtuition, Thinking and Judging. In my working place, I am a person who likes to work in groups or team because I believe that I can have many ideas to do the tasks. I am also a decisive person thinking the consequences ahead. When I do something, I think carefully first and then make decision. In addition, I do no t decide based on my feeling. I decide based on information and reasons. In my school life, I was also a student who preferred more on working with groups. I always rely on thinking and discovering. I believe that my profile is ENTJ which means in my business and school, I am decisive, team workers and thinker. 4. The opposite profile of ENTJ is ISFP.…show more content…
Every workplace has their own challenges and difficult situations. In my workplace, I also had some difficult situation. One of them was talking with the students about their behaviours. My students are all teenagers and I am just beyond teenagers. I am quite young to teach teenagers. For instance, when I was 18, some of my students are already 15-17 years of age. So since I am not that matured, it was difficult for me to talk like a teacher. I was not that experienced in my relationship with my students. I knew I am a teacher and I had to act like an elder teacher so that they will listen. So their behaviours were not that good and polite towards me. I thought maybe it was because of age gaps. In our culture, the more we get older, the more respect we gain from people. Since I am ENTJ type of person, I tried to think the consequences and possibilities of how to talk and teach them about good behaviours. If I focused on my anger and talk to them about behaviours, I am sure they would be naughtier and tried to against me more. At the end, I decided to bring our director to talk to them personally and I sit beside listening to all of them. Then, I tried to add more information about what should be done. I think it was a success. This was not the only case of trying to solve students’

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