Personal Narrative Tornado

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It was hot and muggy from the all the rain the severe thunderstorm was bringing. We all sat on the couch nervously watching the weather station for any signs of the tornado watch turning into a tornado warning. We had to watch carefully as it’s been proven twice, first in Ionia County then in Muskegon, that the orange could turn to red in the blink of an eye. Me, my two younger brothers, and my step mom were all so engrossed into what the sweaty, slightly overweight weatherman was saying that we all jumped when three loud beeps echoed throughout the condo. We looked at each other not knowing what it was-but because there were many older people that lived in the adjoined complexes, that may not necessarily hear a tornado siren, we thought maybe…show more content…
I noticed my cat was sitting by the door so I grabbed him and all but fell down the stairs to my basement. We sat down on the dirty green couch across from the T.V. and turned it to the channel we had it on upstairs, but when nothing had changed and we were still under a tornado watch. We were all confused and sat there for a few long minutes to make sure that nothing was…show more content…
I wondered if maybe those teenage boys had thought they would up their game from the Cherry Red 2013 Toyota Camry to a dead looking condo because it’s inhabitants were supposedly on vacation. We searched through the green walled master bedroom, and when my step mom nodded toward the double-doored closet, I almost started to cry. I could almost see a dark hooded figure lurch out at me, tackling me to the ground and my step mom shooting. Would she miss? Would I want her to? Could I witness life leaving someone’s eyes, and see the body fall to the floor? I didn’t know if I could. What if he was armed, and even if he wasn’t I knew from countless stories that people didn’t need knives or guns to harm someone. Hands were weapons enough. And as I slowly wrapped my clammy hands wrapped around the warped shaped closet door handles, I took a deep breath and flung them open. I immediately jumped back, preparing for anything that could possibly come out of the situation. The closet was empty and I let out a painful breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding. I could feel the anxiety slowly creeping up as I heard footsteps and creaking out in my living

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