Personal Narrative: The Walk To My Honors English III Class

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At 2am the screws in the brain feel like they're coming loose. The anxiety indulges the room and creates a mist of cluster as each piece of led corrupts the paper with words fit for intelligence. When being awake for twenty hours, not only does the sleep creep up, but it hits like a wrecking ball. Three different textbooks filled with notes scatter the floor. This study session calls for memorizing, analyzing, and interpreting. How much more can be prepared? The walk to my Honors English III class was more than stressful. Every noise seemed to bounce off me like a slinkee. Having only gotten three to four hours of sleep, my mind was wondering and my palms were sweating. The dreaded unit one test was upon me and I had studied all night. The expectations were high and I knew I had exceeded the rest of the class with my preparation. With the slightest bit of confidence, I finally tumbled into my seat and started the exam.…show more content…
It was as simple as that. My efforts did not pay off. The girl who consistently cares about the mark in the grade book, the stellar student, the 4.0 had fallen. Receiving the failing grade shattered my heart. I felt worthless and let down because I worked so hard to succeed. Immediately following the mental meltdown and the irritating bell to signal third block, I discovered my teacher among the other students. We chatted for what seemed to be the longest half hour of my life, as I tried to find a way to explain myself and the horrid mark that would now fall into my no longer astonishing 100%. Not only did she calm me down, but that day, she managed to change my mindset forever with some encouraging words of

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