Nagomi Community Service Project Analysis

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As a member of a diverse community, I continue to educate myself in the different cultures within the community. A community service project I am proud to be a part of is within the Nagomi Nursing home for Children organization. This organization is a home and school facility that shelters children under the age of eighteen, who have been separated from their parents. Residing in Okinawa, Japan, I have participated in many events supporting the nursing home. Interacting with the children has created a relationship between me and the Japanese community Volunteering for the Nagomi community service events is important, because it not only helps individual, but helps the community as a whole. Few times out the year, dependents, spouses and their sponsors, come together to help plan the Nagomi supporting events. A previous event I was involved in was held at the Hansen Bowling Alley. Welcoming the local children into the bowling facility, I greeted each and every one of them. Introducing myself with an energetic voice allowed them to feel more comfortable and engage in the activities.…show more content…
In my group I engaged with eleven teenagers. Some of the teens had never bowled before, so it was a learning experience for them. As I showed the teenagers how to bowl, I also learned from them. When I instructed them in English how the game of bowling is played, the teens taught me some of the phrases I said in English, and helped me translate and pronounce the phrases in Japanese. I struggled to pronounce some of the words which were quite funny to not only me, but also the teenagers. They saw that I had a hard time trying to communicate in Japanese, and i was happy for them to smile and giggle over it. The teenagers saw I also struggled in communicating, which helped build their confidence around

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