Personal Narrative: Red Bank Middle School

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Forgiveness and letting go of the past does not come easy that is for sure. I tend to rethink the past over and over like a broken record. I can’t seem to let the past go. And forgive certain events. One of the worst events from my childhood that I cannot let go is, Red Bank Middle school. What life looks like if I did let RBMS go, and lastly, some techniques which includes; letting go of those who we need forgiveness from, and forgiving myself in general. First, my experience that I cannot let go is without a single doubt is the way my middle school teachers treated me. I went to Red Bank Middle School for 3 years. I swear to god that was the worst school I have ever been to. It was so much of an abomination I refused to go Red Bank High…show more content…
I have thought about this so much I give myself migraine headaches. It is proven that bullies usually have home life problems, so maybe they were taking their problems out on me. Maybe, if I never had them give me royal HE Hockey-stick I could be in a totally different situation today. If I did ace Red Bank, I would probably be at Red Bank High School and I would have never met the wonderful faculty, staff, and friends at Sequoyah High School. Those teachers are the best. I mean every single one is devoted to you. If you walk in with tears flying down your face, or just sleep all class when you are usually interactive they will personally sit down and ask what is wrong. That’s not all, and see if there is anything they can do to help. If you are struggling in class, they will offer help, they encourage questions, and they are definition of teachers. I met lots of friends that went to Sequoyah the same reason I did. Just possibly, it is for the best that all that drama at Red bank happened because if it didn’t, I would be at the high school and I would have never met anyone from Sequoyah High. So I just need to work on letting go, forgiving myself of what everyone did, and just let it be. (“The forgiveness

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