Personal Narrative On Disneyland

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It was the morning before we went to Disneyland. I was still asleep in my bed, and my mom and dad were still packing the rest of the things we needed, and also making breakfast. Beginning to wake up to the smell of bacon and toast, plus the sound of things hitting the floor every once in a while. Rushing downstairs to see what was going on only to see a ton of suitcases packed, and breakfast ready. Then I remembered, we were going to Disneyland. “Well someone's up late, get dressed because we need to go soon.” My Dad said. “Hurry up to, because we still have to drive to the airport.” My mom said. I rushed upstairs to get dressed, and get some of my own stuff to bring along on the airplane. Me and my mom and dad got into the car, but…show more content…
Me and my cousin had already started getting snacks and food to eat on the plane. Feeling like we had been waiting for an hour or two before they announced that they would be boarding the airplane soon. Me and my cousin rushed around the airport getting as much stuff as possible to take onto the airplane. I knew was going to be a long ride. Finally, we headed over to the plane, boarded it, and then the ride began. Beginning already to start eating some of the snacks we had bought. I just laid back in my chair, getting on my phone, and played some games. Knowing it was going be a long ride. My cousin was on his phone too. Then I started feeling a bit plane sick, so I kept a bag close by just in case. Eventually, in the middle of the plane ride, I threw up in the bag. I didn’t feel too good at that point, and throwing up only made it worse. Eventually, when the plane landed, I went to the bathroom and threw up again. We then just went to the hotel for the night, and I fell asleep…show more content…
“Where to first?” My cousin said. “How about we go to adventure park first, that seems the coolest.” All of us got on the little train, and we stopped at adventure park. Me and my cousin first went on the Indiana Jones ride first, then I started feeling a bit bad. Trying my best to ignore it for a bit worked for a while, but after the second ride, I threw up. Making sure to throw up in a bush so no one would see. Then when I was walking I tripped on a rock, falling over. This day was starting to become the worst day ever, officially. Throughout the day I kept throwing up here and there, and at night we finally went to see the fireworks. I looked so sick by then that my mom and dad decided it was time to go home, so we did. I told them how I felt, and they decided that tomorrow we couldn’t go back just yet. Then I started feeling really bad because we had barely done anything that day, and we only had a week left, so one day wasn’t enough. Well I woke up the next morning feeling a bit better, and I ate breakfast. Still throwing up in the afternoon, and my parents thought we couldn’t go tomorrow either, but I told them I felt better and that maybe we could. Eventually, it was night again and I just went to bed early to try to recover. It was the next morning and I felt a million times better

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