Lash Bulb Narrative

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On a cold fall day a couple of years ago, I was ditching my afterschool program with a friend. I was in middle school at the time and we decided that we wanted to go to a friend’s house to hang out. Everything was great on the way to the friend’s house as well as at the friend’s house, but the problem began while we were on our way back home. Because of the clock going forward one hour, which usually happens in the fall season, it was extremely dark outside at just 5:30. Using my FLASH BULB MEMORY I will describe vividly the events that happened on the walk back. So my friend and I are walking back in the direction of the school to make it look like we were always there, and as we were walking on one side of the street where there were a group of guys standing around.…show more content…
As we continued walking one of the guys shouted out to us to get our attention; he yelled at us to come across the street to engage in conversation but my SENSORY RECEPTORS left me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach when that happened. Now at this time we began to walk a little faster than we were before. A mixture of my TOPDOWN and BOTTOM UP processing had me thinking that something is about to go wrong based off of what was going on plus my surroundings because no one was outside except for us along with the fact that it was dark outside; I felt that something terrible is about to happen. With all these emotions generating from the AMYGALDA I began to communicate with my friend about what we were going to do. Then suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw two guys crossing the street with one of them yelling for us to come over to them. At this time my FIGHT OR FLIGHT instinct kicked in which resulting with my friend and I running down the rest of the

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