Personal Narrative: Nancy Drew's The Mystery Of Inn

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At the age of 12, I remember dreaming of becoming a young, cunning detective like Nancy Drew. My cousins and I used our intuitive wit to outsmart the local enemies that lurked about our suburban neighborhood. Although our vivid imaginations ran wild, we soon grew uninterested, realizing nothing menacing typically occurs within a gated subdivision. Excitement was to be created not found, so like children often do, we used our imaginations. An adventure was constructed known as “The Mystery of the Abandoned Fortress.” The mission inspired by a empty house for sale at the end of the empty street. The “castle” was a clear indication of our rival’s refuge and anyone we encountered became a character in our unfolding drama. Our talent of elaborating out of thin air enabled us to…show more content…
If you do not want to completely remove a toxic relationship, minimize the time spent together. If someone repeatedly constructs catastrophes and expects your personal input, give yourself a window of time to listen, and then take care of your own needs by walking away. It is always okay to remove ones self from any situation that one does not desire to participate in. Resist the urge to support a pity party and steer the conversation from a sob story about someone to a positive story about anything else. Oftentimes people calm themselves down when others do not validate their complaints. I have come to realize that a centered life focused on my priorities, is far more exciting than any contrived drama. Unlike my childhood "Mystery of the Abandoned Fortress" adventure, discovering myself knows no end, and grows more intriguing as time goes on. If one has struggled with getting caught up in drama and gossip, choose your own path. As you commit to bettering yourself, you can shape yourself into a beautiful reflection of who you want to be and exchange human drama for a refreshing

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