Personal Narrative: My Virtual Child

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My virtual child gave me the opportunity to raise a baby boy. I named him Andres, as I love that name. I also ended up getting pregnant again with a daughter, but the overall care was based on raising Andres. I named the girl Andrina. I truly enjoyed working through My Virtual Child program. It incorporated the child’s activity, sociability, emotions, self-control, and motor skills. It was a nice experience that helped me develop skills on making decisions regarding my son’s daily activities as time went by and he grew up to be a young man. The scenarios used in the program felt realistic. When Andres was little he went trough trust vs. mistrust issues and as he grew older he grew out of it. His cognitive and motor skills developed. He was a good student that always scored well for his age. Although parenting decisions aren’t always easy, I felt that the options guided me into making the best decision available for my son. I did notice that often, my responses were aligned with what the results were saying was…show more content…
It was interesting to see what he would look like each time I completed a year although I wish they would of had more choices as far as physical characteristics. The yearly summaries and reports helped me a lot to see the development process of my son in relation to the theories explained in the book. The overviews gave me an opportunity to reflect on how the choices I made effected the development of my son. Based on the overviews I was able to have better insight on how to better my son’s development by applying their recommendations. I feel that this program helped me overall as a person in becoming a better parent and understand the emotions my teen daughter is going trough. I feel the program enhanced my knowledge of childhood and adolescent development. It’s a great opportunity to develop new skills in communicating

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