Comparing The Oval Portrait 'And The Film Pans Labyrinth'

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In what ways are violence and passion, love and death connected throughout the story “The Oval Portrait” and the film “Pans Labyrinth”. How do the characters sacrifice themselves for somebody that they love? As the saying goes love makes people do crazy things. In the story and film we see how this saying is applied, and how it leads to many deaths. When first reading the “Oval Portrait” I could not see how much the maiden loved her husband and how utterly clueless her husband was to her love for him, because all he cared for was his art and in the end his art was the end to his wife. As I began analyzing this story I was able to pick out different things that showed the maidens love for the painter and the painters love for his art. In “The…show more content…
This is seen by all the books she carries with her and the fact that her mother tells her “Fairytales – You’re a bit too old to be filling your head with such nonsense (Pans Labyrinth)”. Another time we are shown love is when Ofelia and her mother arrive at Captain Vidal’s quarters we immediately see the love he shows for his unborn child, by greeting him before he greets his wife by placing his hands on her growing womb. As the story goes on we see Ofelia’s love for her brother and her mother as she lays in bed with her mother telling her baby brother one of her fairytales to calm him down so he does not hurt her mother. We see Mercedes love for Ofelia when she comforts the child after the death of her mother and while Ofelia is dying Mercedes hums her the same song she hummed her after the death of her mother. We again see Ofelia’s love for her brother at the end of the movie when she refuse to sacrifice him just so she can be immortal, Ofelia ends up dying to save her brother and this is one of the main connections of love and death we see throughout the movie. The Doctor and Mercedes are both part of the resistance and they fight for their love and passion for freedom. This love and passion for freedom gets the doctor killed, because he disobeys Vidal by killing one of his prisoners instead of patching the prisoner up so Vidal could torture him more. Very closely following the Doctors death Carmen goes into labor and a military medic must be called to deliver the baby and because he doesn’t know how to, Carmen dies during child birth. Vidal could care less because he has a healthy son to follow in his footsteps but Ofelia is distraught beyond

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