Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mexico

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In December 2014, I went to Mexico. Going to Mexico is nothing new to me since I go there often. But that year was different from all the other years. Usually I go to Mexico to visit my family down there and to explore new places, I never imagined that I’d be helping other people while I was down there. I guess it all started when we crossed the border to get in Mexico. I’d see people out in the streets, begging for money or some food. Some people, usually guys, would wipe your windows when you stopped at a red light, for some money. My dad would usually give them five or ten pesos, it wasn’t a lot but, to them, it seemed like a fortune. While some people cleaned your windows, others would walk down the highways, holding a stick with stuffed animals or some other figures, trying to sell them. I didn’t pay much attention to those people other years. But, as I got older, I realized how hard they work to support their families. Here, in the US, we don’t really pay attention…show more content…
I noticed that his clothes were old and dirty, but I also noticed that he had an eye missing. I immediately felt bad and asked if he needed any money for anything. He responded saying that he needed money for surgery, that would cost about 2,000 pesos. He didn’t have the money, of course, and neither did I, at the time. But now I did have the money. I walked over to the same man and gave him all the pesos that I had. He looked at me confused, asking why I was handing him so much money. I told him that it was for his surgery. I could see the tears in his eyes once I mentioned what it was for. He shook his head telling me that he couldn’t accept so much money from me. I insisted that he take the money. He finally did accept the money. I won’t ever forget his facial expression, he was smiling at me saying that I must’ve been an angel sent from above to help him. I shook my head, laughing saying that I, certainly, wasn’t an

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