'General Benjamin Butler And The Women' By Feimster

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In “General Benjamin Butler and the threat of Sexual Violence during the American Civil War,” Feimster claims that during the Civil War, even though the government had published the law to punish men who did sexsual assault, many southern white women still be victims of sexual assault from the soldier who did not scare with the law. Many businessmen and storekeepers yield to Butler’s order as they did not have any financial support and choice. The infamous General Law from Butler, number 28, gave advantages for man instead of protecting the women in the New Orleans. These new law made the soldiers always looked at the woman in new orleans like they were appealing, and they published “The Daughter of New Orleans” as their protest. The women’s room were very limited as they did not want to be the “women town.” Finally, they realized that they need to protect and take care of themselves. Feimster in this reading discusses that there are many southern white women who gave their protest to the government. However it still happened because during those times, their husband were going to the war and they left unprotected. Feimster shows that the soldier and General Butler were not hearing their voices. Yankee and Scarlett story proved this fact as Scarlett suffered…show more content…
Long in “General Butler and the Women,” shows that General Butler had his own reason for declaring the Order No.28. This order was known as “The Women Order,” as Butler declared this because of the women bad behavior. The white women in the New Orleans were unrespectful and they insulted the soldier by leaving the church when some soldier came and avoiding the soldier while they were in the street. Long tells the reader that Butler saw that these matter, and he declared the Order No.28. In this order, he labeled every women as a “women town” when they abused the soldier. This General Order was Butler infamy during his responsibility, as people thought that he used sexual assault as the

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