Personal Narrative: My Strategies As A Reader

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Introduction In the next few paragraphs I will be talking about me as a reader, what struggle is had, did I overcome my fears of reading, what are my strategies as I am reading and my future. The Beginning When i started pre school I loved to read.I use to read to my mom my dad and my brothers. I would read anything that was not to hard for me at the time. And then when i started kindergarten it got even better, we started to read with partners and we had book buddies and so much reading fun and that went on all the way until third grade. Came third grade I hated it. It was the worst. We had to do assessments and tests. It was the worst. Then when fourth grade came I didn't want to even get involved in reading, I didn't even want to pick up a book. So that was one of my worst experiences ever and when we had to tell her about it and fill out a whole page of questions, I froze. I felt so embarrassed that year. Striving Soon I saw that i can't continue to be like this, I have to do something, So over the weekends I had to read more and write down questions and answer them my self to become a better reader. Next I started to try and read faster and to do that i had to read longer. Then came recent times. Recent Times…show more content…
you are the big kids of the school and all of your grades get sent to the middle school. When we had to do a quiz online I would freak out, There were multiple choice questions. At the time i liked open ended. then i took a deep breath and remembered all the practicing that we did over the past few weeks and I tried really hard answering those questions and at the end it will tell you your score and i saw that i got 100/100 i was so happy. Now this year i look forward to reading more

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