Personal Narrative: My First Spine Game

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My first lacrosse game I learned a hard taught lesson from a defensemans body check. This moral I learned was: you have to rely on the people around you and let them help you; you can't do everything yourself. I learned this two minutes into the second period when my coach was yelling at me to get into the substitution box. He called the starting left attackmen to the bench and I ran out to fill his position. On the other end of the field I saw a missed shot fly off of the goalie’s leg and into one of our defenseman sticks. We were trailing two to one and I was determined to score the tying goal. Our defenseman lobbed a long arching pass to our midfield player who caught the ball mid stride, and continued to hurtle down the field, dodging…show more content…
His face, frantic as he desperately looked for an open man to pass to. I ran shoulder first into my defenseman then cut out; running like a madman trying to get open. I cut hard enough to free some space between my defender and I. The middi saw me break free and rocketed a pass in my direction. Sweat beat down my face as a mixture of my anxiety and excitement consumed me. I felt the white rubber sphere pound into the mesh of my stick, and in that second my mind ran still. My coach’s voice yelling “pass it” was the only voice I could hear in the humid summer air, my determination to score had made me deff to his suggesstion. My mind was still only focused on putting the ball in the net. I attempted to juke out my defender with a series of different moves, but he was staying on me like butter on toast. Instead of passing like I should have, I scrambled to free up space for a shot. I wound up ready to rip a shot top right corner. However, out of the corner of my helmet I saw a six foot two, two hundred pound gorilla in lacrosse pads barrelling towards me, but it was too late. Before I knew it I was flung five feet across the turf. Through my helmet all I could see was the blue sky as I lay there contemplating how much that was going

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