Personal Narrative: My Father's Cabin

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Being a writer in a very real and very harsh world can be difficult at times. There are too many people that cloud your thoughts with sadness, anger, and hopelessness. And living the the hectic city of New York doesn't help much. People are on a strict deadline and believe that where they need to be and what they're doing is more important than having even the slightest form of common courtesy such as even saying “thanks”. Back in the day when life was simple and all you had to worry about was going to work hurrying home to your wife and kids for dinner talk about the day's events and send the kids off to bed. He misses those days back when you didn't have a problem with the occasional asshole because you would just figure they had a bad day…show more content…
all 200 acres of it along with the small cabin. and the fishing boat that they had since he was born. being back on his old stomping grounds gave him an immense feeling of relief. he stepped out of his car and took a deep breath of crisp autumn air and sighed. the first thing he notices is that the cabin wasnt in the greatest of shape. the roof had a blanket of green moss covering the whole roof and it had appeared that something had been trying to get into the cabin judging by the claw marks and stripped bug screens. he stepped inside and saw that it wasn't much better. there had obviously been small animals inside. animal scat and bedding was spread all throughout the cabin. luckily there was no leaks and the inside was only dirty. he walked into his old room where he saw nothing had been touched in 5 years. it still had all his old clothes tucked neatly in the drawers the bed was still made and all of his books still had their pages marked where he last read. he tried to remember all of the short stories he wrote at the desk he had in the corner still covered in notebook paper with dozens of drafts written on them.when he walked into his grandparents room a sense of emptiness entered his heart. he saw all of the pictures hung up on the wall of his grandparents back when he was a kid. he felt tears swell in his…show more content…
It was fenced in by moss covered white picket fencing. and as he drew closer he realized that it was his grandparents. on the headstone there was a passage the simply stated “The memories you make today are the legacies you leave tomorrow. So live this life like a book unwritten and write a story that will live on for generations.” with tears streaming down his face he kneels before the headstone and kisses it with trembling lips and says “ you are where my story began and you gave me the greatest gift i could ever ask for. your never ending love. it was always there. it flowed from my heart onto paper and you are why my dreams have come true. i was blind to think that leaving this place would make me excel at my career. New York stole my creativity, it killed my soul every day. I will never forget what you both taught me. you taught me how to dream, how to imagine, how to explore. you pushed me to go against the odds and ignore the doubters because as long as i believed in myself i will make it. but i never would have thought that you were the reason i believed in myself, that you were what drove me to bring a new world to life to instill beauty in the hearts of others. i will never forget you both and i will always love you.” as he got up with a sorrowed face he looked directly in front of him and looked into the eyes of 2 Grey wolves whose eyes were fixed on his. they

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