Personal Narrative: James Campbell High School's Soccer Field

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Putting it all on the field It began freshman year at James Campbell High School’s soccer field. I was very short,chubby and very out of shape .I haven't stepped on a field so hot. It was wearing me out already. I wasn't used to it being so hot. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was very sunny,hot,and it was around three o'clock in the afternoon. As I was putting on my socks and cleats, I saw people arrive. I thought to myself “more soccer players”. They got on the bleachers and began to put on their cleats. Since it was the James Campbell High School team I called them "sabers". The sabers were in a group as if they all knew each other. The sabers did because they were the returnees. I remember wearing a cap and coach Randy…show more content…
I was so relieved. As I got back on the field this guy came up to me and said “hey man try to keep one pace while running that way you don't waste as much energy quickly” I just nodded. Randy then said “planks”. I had no clue what that meant so I just followed the others, as I layed down I thought it was going to be easy. Coach said “UP!” we all got in the planking position. Within the first twelve seconds or so I began to get tired, little did I know that we had to hold it for a whole minute. I started to break a sweat in twelve seconds I was surprised. “30” coach shouted. I was so mad i was thinking to myself how is that only thirty seconds. I began to lower myself and was about to quit, then I thought the others can do it so can I so I raised myself to my original position and held it for the rest of time left. Coach finally said “drop”. I was so relieved and as I layed on the ground I gasped for air. I thought it was the worst minute of my life. Coach gave us ten seconds to catch our breath and he said “right side” I was confused but I just followed the others. “ UP!” coach Randy said. We had to hold our position for another minute. I closed my eyes and just kept saying in my head “I can do this”. I thought we were almost done, coach then says “thirty!” For some reason every time he told us how much was left I got even more tired so this time I just layed on my side, I couldn't take it anymore. “ Hey what's your…show more content…
The first day we had to run two and a half miles which is ten laps around the field. I thought I could keep up with the others but I couldn't, after the first corner i got tired but I didn't stop I kept pushing. When we finished one lap I could not run any longer so I began to walk. I was getting over lapped by the others. So I jogged and walked the rest. The others had finished about 3 minutes ago and I was still going. I heard coach yell at me “one out of twenty”. I didn't feel mad I felt sad because I wasn't half of what the others were and not half of what I thought I was. As I reached the others that were finished, they all clapped for me again and I felt embarrassed. After we stretched out and did some ball drills,the first day of tryouts was finished. Coach said that the next day we will have to do monsters. Second day of tryouts I got there a little late and saw everyone lined up on the line. Coach said “ hurry up” so I jogged to the field and got in line. Coach said “Go!” the first line ran to the end of the field and ran back. In my head I was like “Damn it”. We had to come back to the line in a minute. It was my turn, I sprinted as fast as I could and got tired at the middle of the field and and I began to walk the rest. I was so tired it got to a point where I just walked the whole field. When I finished my last sprint they all clapped for me again I guess it was just motivation. We then stretched out,did ball drills, and diamonds.

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