Personal Narrative: Immigrants To College

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Going up, I never came to the realization how I was sheltered from many cultures till I came to college. When I arrived to college for the first time I was bombarded with all the different languages along with the different religious practices. I especially had a changed mindset about Hispanics from this past summer by the encounters I had at work. I worked at an ice cream cone factory called Bo Deans, and the majority of the employers there were Hispanic or “white trash”. However, through the course of summer, I became very close with my coworkers. The shift I worked on was with all Hispanics besides one person, so I on the other hand felt out of place. I am always used to being surrounded by Caucasians along with being in the majority and not the minority. Occasionally on…show more content…
The one coworker, Hilda, came to the U.S. when she was sixteen years old to help provide an income to her family. She always pushed me into speaking Spanish with them along with helping me with my pronunciation. She actually went back to Mexico for a week and returned with Mexican candy allowing me to try some of the popular candies from Mexico. At home, my family tends to get frustrated with immigrants, and complain how they all get away not paying taxes. Naturally, I always had negative judgments towards immigrants who are Hispanic because of what I would hear from home. My summer at the factory, however gave me a different mindset on immigration. They are here for the same reason we are here in America. Technically everyone from America is an immigrant and everyone deserves the freedom here. I remember watching the news one day during break when Donald Trump came on saying how Hispanics were responsible for the all the crimes in the U.S. My coworkers were so upset over his speech and really quite disgusted how people agreed with Trump. I saw first hand how hurt other cultures could feel here in the U.

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