Personal Narrative: I Am Griffin Ziegler

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I am Griffin Ziegler, 18 years old to this date, born of Richard and Denise Ziegler in Dalton, Ga. I would describe myself as energetic, imaginative, independent, and sociable. I was born into the christian religion but now have taken a different route, becoming an agnostic. I affiliate with the organization of Eagle scouts, as well as becoming a lifeguard, both of which have impacted me largely. Lastly, my friends throught the years have been Lee, Nelson, and Fisher, which will be elaborated on later. All the ideas listed have a large effect on my identity, and shape what I do, and how I do them my everyday life. I believe in the freedom of anyone to do whatever they want, within reason. Some wish to not allow this, by enacting rules against homosexuality and abortion, but I believe that doing so would limit someone's future and their enjoyment of life. The basis of this idea is I wish that every human being were to be able to achieve their dream, and many people have many different dreams, some of which are discriminated against. This further streams from my parents being very open to what I wanted to do in life, giving me very open amount of space and control over what I wanted to do to achieve my dreams. I also believe that people should be honest 100% of the time. Some would say that, realistically, this idea…show more content…
Video games has had a positive and negative effect on me, and both shape my identity. Video games allowed me to take off steam from the day, whether it was difficult and required a lot of brainpower or if I just needed to give my brain a rest. On the other hand, videogames isolated myself away from other people, giving me an antisocial childhood sometimes. This brings me to the current day, when that if I just don’t feel like talking to people at all, i'll retreat to the couch and play video games, bringing my identity into

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