Personal Narrative-Humorous Wedding

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After thinking about your text this morning, I have to be truthful and tell you the truth. The truth is I did take my wedding ring off and left it behind. I am sorry, but I can not get the image of you and that woman out of my mind. Over the years, I had tolerated you flirting with countless women because it is who you are, but taking selfies with other women is inappropriate and disrespectful. You are a married man, but keep acting like a single man. If you don’t believe me, asked Whitney or Angela. The pain this has caused me had cut my soul deep. All I feel is sorrow. I have given my life to you. I had adapted to this town because your daughter was here and I knew you would not leave without her. I have accepted my life as it was, because, unbelievably, I valued your happiness more than my own.…show more content…
She is disappointed, angry and feeling as betrayed as I am. After she showed me the pictures, I felt as if someone has punched me in the stomach. It was heartbreaking to looked at my daughter and see her judgment in her eyes. I asked Angela if she knew Cary Barrego and to my surprise, they used to work together. Angela is not a fan of the woman. Her exact words were “I can’t stand her.” I don’t know if I can fully recover from this. I think I will hold a place in my heart that holds the pain of this experience always. The fact that you were talking to another woman, says a lot about where you are emotionally. I told you, if you ever wanted to be with someone else, please don’t be shady and be honest. I am sure after all these years we can amicable divide our

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