Personal Narrative: Fracking

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Sixth grade is coming to an end, and it’s time for the end of year trip. We would have to vote for which activity to do. It’s between forest quad-biking and river rafting. I had gone quad-biking multiple times with my parents before, so it didn’t mean much to me, therefore I decide to vote for the river rafting. The votes are taken in and much to everyone’s surprise it’s a tie. Our teachers couldn’t come to a decision either, so they decide we’re going to divide up into two groups and go to two different trips. There would be two buses, one will be going to Jinja Forest for quad-biking and the other will be heading to River Nile Rafts for the rafting. On the day of the trip, we all come dressed in our most casual wear. We start loudly complimenting each other…show more content…
Immediately, we start screaming and splashing around trying to get away from the imaginary creature we all think is going to harm us. I start remembering all the National Geographic documentaries I had watched about the crocodiles and predatory fish that were found in River Nile. These thoughts didn’t help me at all as I’m trying to swim for my life. “Calm down darlings, there’s nothing in this side of the river. Now come over to sides and I’ll help you up,” Jake speaks nonchalantly. The other girls quickly swim before me and go to the edge of the raft. As the girls are getting on, I get a chance to relax. Oddly enough, I feel a strange sense of calmness as I float on the cloudy aquamarine water. My moment of peace is quickly taken away though, when Jake grabs the shoulders of my life jacket and not-so-gently flings me into the raft. After everyone’s on board, Jake instructs us to start paddling again to go to our last rapid. Halfway through our paddling, James and his raft show up with a group of our other

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