Flatiron Building: The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building only took 410 days to construct. This being a amazing accomplishment to build a 103 floors in 1930. The construction of other buildings such as the Chrysler Building is what inspired John Raskob (previously a vice president of General Motors) to join in “the race to the sky” and build the Empire State Building. Each time the Chrysler Building added more to make it taller, the Empire State building would add even more to make it even more tall. With this building being built it showed man what was possible. Many architectural feats occurred at this time to prove man each time what was possible. Such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, and the Flatiron Building. The style of the homes at this time ranged…show more content…
Many houses featured styles from many previous years. American homes in the early 1900s on average were about 1,000 square feet of living space. The most popular styles at the time were queen anne, colonial revival, neo-classical, and vernacular. The queen anne style featured many wraparound porches, gingerbread, and turrets. They were often a multi-story house that were common in working class neighborhoods. The next style is colonial revival which brought back that “white city” traditional look. New England Colonial style is another name for it which might give you a better picture. Very straightforward looking house and many traditionalists loved this look. The neo-classical style in houses featured Corinthian columns and rather grand facades. This look showed money and you can see these features on many government offices and banks that were built at the time. The most boring look of this time is vernacular. This style of house was built by one person or a couple carpenters. This house is a working man’s house such as a farmer. You could have any of these styles of houses but factors such as money, area, job,and family decided how you would build and style your…show more content…
With France with the Eiffel Tower, America wanted to build something greater such as the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building, so they built it in New York City, New York. One of the greatest cities for architecture in the world. You could compare the “race to the sky” too the United States and Soviet Union trying to send the first man to the moon. American architecture was dominant at this time and showed man what was possible. Another structure built that is truly amazing is the Golden Gate Bridge which is located in the beautiful and sunny San Francisco,

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