Essay On Journey Of Life

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death, the path each one treads is different. People like to do what they can understand or what brings happiness to them. ‘What is simple’ is understandable. Satisfaction of the senses of the body brings happiness. In the long journey of life, men and women easily get diverted since their mind flows where they could do things which they can understand or where they could find happiness. There are many things in life which distract the mind from following a path. Yes, there are a variety of lights, sounds, textures, and associated dreams that fascinate men and women which change their way of living forever. It may be beauty, money, strength, sweet words, big bungalow, etc. Most of the diversions in life are accidental. A small incident in the…show more content…
What was thought to be a smooth curve in life may end in a singularity with an unimaginable speed and unpredictable consequences. The singularity may be a break or an unreachable height or an unfathomable depth. What was thought to be predictable becomes unpredictable sometimes. What was seen as a calm and serene sea creates a storm threatening the life and livelihood of many. A calm and quiet earth shivers in the form of an earth quake. In the time–life curve, every curve has many singularities pushing many to this and that side and chartering unplanned courses in life. The singularities give a lesson for the future or a turning point for a better life or a welcome respite from pain and sufferings. The handling of exceptions or singularities changes a good person into a rogue or a bad person to repent throughout life. The change that the exceptions or singularities bring in life may be physical or psychological. Exceptions or singularities give a message that there is something which is beyond one’s control and which one failed to learn or understand. Without exceptions or singularities in one’s life, man will assert himself a god—a man who is born to achieve everything he
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