Motim In Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird?

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• Why is the novel titled To Kill a Mockingbird? • Why is one of the main characters name Scout? • The narrative of To Kill a Mockingbird fluctuates between Scout’s point of view and when the adult in her is looking over these events. • When Scout describes Maycomb in the first chapter, she has an adult’s recollection and not that of a little girl’s experience. • The novel shows something that happens and then tells about events leading up to what happened. An example of this would be when Jem breaks his arm and the novel flashes back showing what happened up to him breaking his arm. Why is the noel structured in such a circular way? Is it because the story is about past events? • Jem and Scout are the centers of the story. They fill their world with…show more content…
Calpurnia seems to be a motherly figure for Scout as she grows up. • Calpurnia is a black woman. Why does Atticus have a black caretaker considering all of the racism that has been affecting that race especially during this time period? • Burris Ewell terrifies Miss Caroline when a bug crawls out of his hair. • The Ewell family is poorer and less respectable than the Cunningham family. In fact, Burris only comes to school the first day of every school year to avoid trouble with the law. Both the Ewell family and the Cunningham family are poor however the Cunningham family wants their children to go to school and be educated unlike the Ewell family which obviously does not care about education. • Scout tells Atticus that she does not want to go to school anymore and for Atticus to teach her. This reinforces the strong bond that she and her father have. • Atticus says that it is by law that she goes to school, but he promises to keep reading to her, as long as he does not tell her teacher about it. • The power of words and reading is very powerful to Scout and it means a lot to

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