Personal Narrative-Dog Running

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There’s a pinching sensation in my legs, sending painful sparks through my body. It’s this pinching that wakes me up from my unconscious state. My head spins as I open my eyes to find my world as dizzy as my thoughts. I close my eyes, trying to shake the overwhelming pain in my head. I remember running…running through a tunnel, maybe and then…the floor, it broke, but why was I running? I search for an answer and receive a headache in return. I slowly reopen my eyes and find my vision clearing. That’s a good sign. I try to sit up and regret it when a wave of agony hits my body, causing my body to jerk violently and the pinching feeling in my leg to increase dramatically. “Okay,” I gasp, “that was a bad idea.” So I just lay there, staring at the black hole against the ceiling.…show more content…
Hole in the ceiling? I stare, puzzled. It takes a moment, but my brain finally makes the connection. The floor fell in when I was running from the monster-dog which fell with me. Panic causes me to ignore my pain as I shoot up. My breath catches in my throat. The dog is what’s pinning my legs. I jerk back but my legs are still pinned, so I just fall back, the back of my head smashing into the stone floor. I groan, sitting back up. I stare at the monster dog, realizing its dead. “It’s dead?” I repeat out loud. But that doesn’t make sense; it wouldn’t have died from the fall. I should have died before the dog, so how did it die? It doesn’t matter now. It’s dead. I need to get out of here and find Thorn and Felix. The last thing I want is to be stuck down here with this dead thing. I begin working on my legs, tugging and pulling at them, but the weight of the dead dog isn’t going anywhere. I struggle harder. My body starts to feel anxious, and my hands are shaking. I stop, forcing myself to relax. I am not going to get out of here if I panic. I need to remain calm. “Breath,” I say, calmly. I exhale deeply and my hands stop shaking. I can’t let fear control me. It’s a

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